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The Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race Canada
Action Packed Season
Let the Games Begin!
Who's Feeling Sporty Now?
Season 3 of 'The Amazing Race Canada' kicks off in Québec City with 12 teams vying for a chance to win almost $1 million in cash and prizes, the largest prize in Canadian television history.
We're Going To Dance!
The racers are heading to Santiago, Chile, where teams are soaring high, taking selfies and busting a move. Two Express Passes are also up for grabs.
I Said Straight, You Gorilla!
The teams are heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where racers start at the Plaza Canada Totem Pole, before tripping up on the field in a game of blind soccer.
We Know Where They Live
The teams are heading back home to Canada where a lost passport puts one team in jeopardy of losing it all.
The Face Off
The teams are heading to one of Quebec's hidden gems, the Magdalen Islands, where they are fighting to stay afloat in the first ever Face Off challenge.
Who Is Alex Trebek?
The teams are heading to Sudbury, Ont., where they will travel deep underground, face the pressure in a trauma unit and meet a very special guest at the Pit Stop.
I Dream About Eating Sandwiches
Teams are travelling to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where they are bouncing around at the Roadblock and taking part in traditional First Nations culture.
All Of These Are The Same
After Neil and Kristin are eliminated in Saskatoon, Sask., the remaining six teams are heading to Kolkata, India, where they will experience chaos in the streets.
Take Your Clue And Gooo!
After Brian and Cynthia were eliminated in Kolkata, the remaining teams continue to race in India where things will get slippery and spicy in Delhi.
Man I've Got A Big Butt
The remaining five teams are heading back home to Canada to Penticton, B.C., where a Roadblock will leave some teams struggling to stay afloat.
After Dujean and Leilani were eliminated in Osoyoos, B.C., the remaining four teams are heading to Edmonton, Alta., where the racers will face off both on and off the ice.
Here's to You, Canada...Cheers
The final three teams - Nick and Matt, Gino and Jesse and Brent and Sean - are heading to Vancouver, B.C., where they will face their fear of heights as they race to the finish line.
What's It Take To Get A Cup Of Tea?
In the Season 2 Premiere, host Jon Montgomery launches the most amazing race this country has ever seen, as 11 all new teams compete for the biggest grand prize in Canadian television history.
There's A Fish In My Pants
Teams race to the surfing capital of Canada. And as the race heats up, some of the teams start to lose their cool. Things turn a little fishy, while some teams struggle not to wipe out from the race.
Snakes And Liars
For the first time ever, Canadian racers take on the world and race to Hong Kong, China, where the foreign sights and sounds push teams further than ever before.
They're Harshing Our Mellow
Teams race to the new gambling capital of the world, Macau, China, where they get hot - and bothered. A casino challenge deals a round of confusion and desperation.
Who Designs These Torture Tests?
A dog-eat-dog competition heats up as the Detour leaves an opening for underdogs to take the reins, and a relentless Roadblock sets its sights on one team packing.
She's The Pierogi Poobah
Teams head east to Winnipeg where a rockin' Roadblock leaves Racers at a loss for words. Teams hit the ice in hopes of beating Natalie and Meaghan at their own game and derailing them from the competition.
Lest We Forget
Racers cross the Atlantic to Normandy, France, where a Detour leaves teams horsing around, while a relentless Roadblock dilutes some teams' chances of winning.
I Said Yes!
The Race continues on the romantic streets of Paris, but there is no love lost as the pressure mounts. A candy creation brings The Race to a standstill and tempers to a boil.
How Are We Going To Explain This?
The Race comes home to Canada as teams fly to Montreal where the competition kicks into high gear. A cheesy Detour causes confusion and queasiness, and teams are challenged to bare it all.
Hot Poop
Teams race to the birthplace of Canadian Confederation, where Racers take a step back in time; but others step in something completely different. There's no horsing around as The Race comes to a dead heat.
Put The Fun Back In Fundy
It's the semifinals! Four teams race to New Brunswick to fight for a spot in the finale. But it's an uphill battle as Racers claw their way through a grueling Roadblock.
Who's Da Bomb?
The final three teams fly to Ottawa, where they race to the top, but struggle on the path to victory and are pushed to their absolute limits. It's the gold medal game and winner takes all!
The Amazing Race Canada marks the first-ever all-Canadian race around the country, as nine teams compete for the historic half-a-million dollar grand prize. Hosted by Olympic Champion Jon Montgomery.
The eight remaining teams race to Vancouver, BC, where they become tangled in the urban jungle and tripped up on the ice.
Teams head to Alberta, where the doctors Holly and Brett try to steer the herd in a different direction. At the roadblock teams get lined up while a dirty detour kicks the soot out of the racers.
The racers embark on an epic trek across the mighty Canadian north, where things get icy both in the water and on land. And in the desert in the Yukon, a Speed Bump trips up the Tims.
The teams head to Regina, Saskatchewan, where they get buried by lentils, then drilled by the RCMP. And the first Double U-Turn of the Race sends teams into a panic.
The remaining five teams race to Quebec City, where the Sisters get lost en route. Language skills are lacking, leaving some teams tongue-tied. At the Roadblock, Vanessa gets crushed by crepes.
The five remaining teams race north to Iqaluit, Nunavut, where the Arctic's harsh elements freeze teams in their tracks. An epic climb to the ends of the Earth could change the course of the race.
The remaining four teams race out of Nunavut and into Nova Scotia, but Vanessa and Celina have a hard time getting in gear. The stakes are raised at the second U-Turn of the Race.
The remaining four teams keep on racing to Newfoundland and Labrador, where they get "screeched in" by locals. One Detour has teams at a loss for words while the other goes to the dogs.
The final three teams head west to Toronto for the final leg of a race across the country. Racers will face the most extreme challenges yet, where fears will reach new heights.

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