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Atlanta Plastic
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Atlanta Plastic

Atlanta Plastic
A to Z Cup
Victoria, who refers to her breasts as 'negative A-cup', requests Dr Baron to make them bigger. Annie, a woman with Guinness World Record-breaking breasts, consults Dr Crawford.
The Ugly Ducking Gets Her Day
Tiffany, a woman with four kids, decides to undergo a makeover. Iris, a woman unhappy with her appearance, journeys to obtain the beauty she has sought since childhood.
New Face, New Problems?
An Atlanta stylist consults Dr Jones and requests him to eradicate his man breasts. Toni, a woman with three kids, consults Dr Crawford regarding her extreme weight loss.
Runaway Patient
Danielle's life has left her needing physical and emotional upgrades. An operation may be the key to her future happiness. Ken seeks a full body lift from Dr Crawford to cut extra skin.
Surgery Sisters
Sisters Shari and Michelle request Dr Crawford and Dr Baron to operate on them the same day. Prince requests Dr Jones to surgically alter his nose.
Bat Wings to Angel Wings
Nicole, whose extreme weight loss has drooped her skin, making it look like bat wings, seeks Dr Baron's help. Dr Jones tries to form new buttocks for Tia, an ex-exotic dancer.
Bring It! To Atlanta
I'm Melting! I'm Melting!
Tanya and Gail request Dr Baron to grant them a complete makeover simultaneously. Tishanna, who has undergone huge weight loss, seeks Dr Crawford's surgical assistance.
Bring It! Back to Atlanta
Mom Tina from 'Bring It!' shows up in front of Dr Baron with a laundry list of requests. Meanwhile, Dr Crawford is tasked with helping Eric turn from a frog into a prince.
Who Let the Dogs Out
Wynee meets with Dr Jones and requests him to transform her physically for the better. Dr Baron must ascertain how to administer Botox without needles on Roz.