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Bringing Up Ballers
Thursdays 10PM SIN/HK

Bringing Up Ballers

Bringing Up Ballers
Have You Met Peytyn?
With her son George not committed to a college yet, Peytyn, an entrepreneurial Chicago mother raising the next NBA superstar, does everything she can to keep him close to home.
Suburban Invaders
Nikki's pal Tiffany, a basketball mom from the suburbs, isn't getting the welcome she hoped for from Johanna. Meanwhile, Heather's oldest daughter Danyelle is getting ready for prom.
Stop the Press Conference!
Nikki sets up a press conference to announce what high school her son Nimari is going to attend, creating a rift in her friendship with Johanna.
Party Foul
Heather and Nikki collaborate on a joint graduation party for their kids. Peytyn confesses her feelings for her son's coach. Johanna crashes Heather and Nikki's graduation party.
Playing with Fire
Tiffany's fellow suburban basketball mom Catrina and her son Antoine come into the scene for Nikki's 3-On-3 charity basketball tournament.
Bringing Down the House
Peytyn deals with her feelings as George gets ready to leave for college. Nikki and Johanna reconnect while working together to sell Peytyn's home.