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Welcome to the Fempire
Welcome to the Fempire

Welcome to the Fempire

Welcome to the Fempire

We're inclusive, charmingly off-kilter, and occasionally outrageous. All are welcome.

We all get so concerned about being pretty. Why can’t we be… pretty smart, pretty bold, pretty fierce, pretty tough?
The possibilities are pretty endless. Welcome to the Fempire.

What Does A Boss Look Like?

Can the average person pick the real boss out of 3 people?

When it comes to power, most still associate authority with men rather than...

Ayesha Barbershop - Pretty Ballsy

An All-Female Barbershop. What more could you ask for?

Claudia Cogan - Pretty Exotic

Girls can be funny and comedic. Claudia Cogan has pretty exotic jokes.

Jhanae - Pretty Fun

Jhanae is the future interpreter that translates sign language into fun.

Lucy and Lester - Pretty Persistent

Cuteness over load. Watch how persistent baby Lucy chases after Lester the cat.

Why Jajaira Became an Olympics Boxer

What inspired Jajaira to become Olympics boxer? It was all because of a bully when she was young, and a whole lot of determination and strength....

Freckles - Pretty Confident

Having freckles can be a source of insecurity. 10-year-old Angelina is here to spread some body positivity and confidence on the way you look.

Don't Wish. Do It.

With the right attitude and mindset, you can overcome almost anything. Use the right words to set the mind right. Don't wish. Say I will. Coming...

WNBA Elena Delle shows us what you can be pretty and a good basketball player at the same time.

Pretty Drummer On Beat

New age women drummers are just awesome. You think only men are drummers? Kiran Gandhi shows us otherwise.Time to change the perception.

Mom Is Dad Too

Katherine Sng, 38 is a single mother to her 4-year-old son, a marketing manager in the beauty industry and the founder of...

Who Says A Mother Of 4 Can't Be Hip

Diah left her job as a primary school educator to start Studiofrost, an online business, with her sister-in-law.

Lecturer Mom says no to kid enrichment classes

She gave up her a job which required her to travel, to spend more time with her two children aged 3 and 5.

‘Mom’ is Not My Entire Existence

Michelle is the founder and chief baby planner of The Chill Mom Maternity Concierge. She helps busy parents-to-be plan for their babies’ arrival...

I Was A Tiger Mom And It Worked

Jennifer is a full-time administrator at a financial consulting firm and blogger. She tries to cook for her 10-year-old son and husband...

Playing with Fire? 6 Alternative Play Ideas for Cool Kids

Nothing is taboo for the edgy Mother 2.0 who loves creative fun.

7 Silly Gender Stereotypes Kids Should Never Learn

Mom 2.0 will never pass on these ridiculous ideas to her offspring.

Mother 2.0 vs The Nosy Parker

Six sassy ways to deal with trolls who won’t mind their own business.

Mom has a ‘man’s job’

Nisa or Fairunisa Hadian, 31, works on a oil rig. She’s an account manager for an American company in the oil industry. She travels constantly,...

Mom is my #Fitspo

A fitness geek since her university days, Ammetta Bergin, 43, surprised friends and family when she ditched a promising career in academia to...

This Mom Dodges Bullets

Dodging bullets and explosions straddled atop a speeding 200cc bike is all in a day’s work for Puteri Kirana, 31. She’s a bike stuntwoman who’s...

Mom loves tatts. So what?

Jayvy Chin, 28 is a former tattoo artist who is now the mother of a 20-month-old toddler. Her multiple tattoos, which include a full sleeve on...

8 Words of Wisdom from Mother 2.0

My kid, my rules. Like Mother before her, she is caring, patient and attentive. Unlike Mother before her, Mother 2.0 isn’t afraid to defy...

8 Gift Ideas for the Edgy Mother

Here's how to impress a Mother 2.0 who's way too cool for plain ol' flowers and chocolate.