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Junior MasterChef Australia

Junior MasterChef Australia

Junior MasterChef Australia
A New Level Of Competition
Next Generation Of Great Chefs
Top 50 - Round 1
Australia's top 50 junior cooks enter The Dome to take part in the biggest challenge in MasterChef history. The junior chefs have just 90 minutes to cook a dish using their core ingredient.
Top 50 - Round 2
There are two heats today to secure eight positions in the Junior MasterChef Top 20. The first heat sees the kids cooking fast food, but it must be healthy. The second heat is an ice cream challenge.
Top 50 - Round 3
First up the kids need to cook the ultimate cake for the ultimate guest. Next, the last chance to earn a spot in the MasterChef Kitchen sees our young cooks create the perfect pasta meal.
Top 20 Arrive At The Mc Kitchen
The competition kicks off with the Mystery Box. In the Mystery Box are a dozen eggs. Our young chefs can cook whatever they like, but they must use each and every egg, no more, no less.
Offsite Challenge - Summit Restaurant
This week the Junior MasterChefs embarked on their first Offsite Challenge held at Sydney's prestigious Summit Restaurant. The contestants faced the daunting task of creating a Michael Moore dish.
Taste Test & Invention Test - Chocolate
Tonight is all about chocolate! In the first Taste Test Challenge, all 20 kids taste a slab of rocky road and try to pick the ingredients in it. Next, they will create their own chocolate inspired dessert.
Pressure Test & Perfect Roast
It's crunch-time in the MasterChef Kitchen today for Australia's best young cooks. The top 20 is about to be whittled down to 16 in the first elimination. The kids are asked to cook "The Perfect" Roast.
Mystery Box & Family Desserts
Today's competition kicks off with the Mystery Box Challenge. Next is "Mum knows best", where the Top 16 have to cook their 'family apple pie/dessert dish' which was passed onto them by their mums.
Offsite Challenge - Tobruk Sheep Station
Our top 16 head to the Tobruk Sheep Station where they are greeted by George, Matt and guest chef, Scott Picket. And they have to cook an entree, main and dessert with an Australian flavour.
Top 12 Travel To The USA
The top 12 are off to Los Angeles and they are really excited. But they have their work cut out for them as their challenge is to cook a five star dish for the youngest Michelin Star chef in the States.
Perfect American Hamburgers
The young chefs will face their first U.S. offsite Team Challenge at LA's infamous Venice Beach. They are broken into two teams and given a two hour challenge of creating hamburgers for the public.
Disneyland Challenge
The top 12 contestants arrive at Disneyland where they are greeted by Mickey Mouse. Today's challenge has the kids working in pairs to create two dishes - an entree and a main - inspired by Disneyland.
Mad Hatters Tea Party & A Pressure Test
Tonight's challenge takes place at Disneyland. In the first heat the children cook cupcakes for the Mad Hatters tea party. The bottom six face the Pressure Test, where they have to cook for their places.
Double Mystery Box
The Top 8 return from the USA and face a brand new challenge for the Junior MasterChef series: the double Mystery Box! Then it's Boys versus Girls teams cooking off inside a 'boxing ring' kitchen.
Food Deception & Christmas Dinner
Today's a tricky time, with the top 8 practicing the sweet art of food deception. Their challenge is to make something that looks savoury but tastes sweet. Next is a MasterChef first - a slumber party!
Perfect Pavlova
Today, the top eight will be whittled down to the best six junior chefs in the nation. It starts with a 'Perfect' challenge, where the kids are asked to cook the 'Perfect' Pavlova in 80 minutes.
Conveyor Belt Mystery Challenge
George explains the first challenge of the day is "The Conveyor Belt Mystery Challenge", where the Top 6 will have 50 minutes to pick up to five of the 30 ingredients on the conveyor belt and cook a dish.
Semi Final
Tonight is the Semi-finals. Three of Australia's top young chefs will do battle under the stunning Opera House sails on Sydney's famous harbour to earn a coveted spot in this year's Grand Finale.
MasterChef Junior Australia
Tonight is the Junior Masterchef Finale and it's time to find out just who will be crowned Australia's next Junior Masterchef!
Top 50 Heats 1 & 2
From over 5,500 applicants, the top 50 young cooks from Australia gather for the first challenges of the Junior MasterChef series. Greeting them are judges Gary Mehigan, George Colombaris and Anna Gare.
Top 50 Heat 3, 4 & 5
The remaining 30 kids have their chance to cook their best dishes in the hopes of making it to the top 20. Judge Matt Preston appears and surprises them with six forklift trucks of mixed seafood.
Top 20 To Top 12
The top 20 learn they will be cooking in an invention test with two core ingredients. The six best dishes will go straight to the top 12, while the others will have a second chance via a pressure test.
Mystery Box And Invention Test
From 5,500 young cooks that auditioned, and with the top 50 whittled down in the first three episodes to the top 12, the twelve junior chefs are thrilled to enter the MasterChef kitchen for the first time.
Tuckshop Team Challenge & Pressure Test
The contestants embark on their first offsite challenge and are given the task of running a high school tuck shop. Competing in two teams, the contestants must devise a menu to feed 100 hungry school kids.
MasterClass 1
Junior MasterClass is an experience for the whole family where each week, a new lot of kids aged 8-12 enter the MasterChef kitchen, to cook along with our judges and other guest celebrity chefs.
Choose A Box & Donna Hay Pressure Test
For the first time in MasterChef history, the contestants compete in a 'choose a box' challenge. Three core ingredients are hidden in three boxes and only by touch can the core ingredient be identified.
Pizza Taste Test & Elimination Challenge
The contestants are faced with their first ever taste test….A giant 8.5 metre long pizza. Inside the giant pizza are 20 ingredients, some quite obvious and others hidden within the dough.
MasterClass 2
Junior MasterClass is an experience for the whole family where each week, a new lot of kids aged 8-12 enter the MasterChef kitchen, to cook along with our judges and other guest celebrity chefs.
Skills Test & Celebrity Chef Challenge
The top 8 face a new challenge in the Masterchef kitchen today -- a three-round, knock out basic skills test. The scoreboard is also reset to zero, so everybody has a chance to get back in the game again.
Pressure Test & Offsite Challenge
The four losing contestants from the challenge will face a pressure test in another chance. They have one hour to prepare three identical Florentine tarts with frangipane, a twist on the classic Honey Joy.
MasterClass 3
In today's MasterClass, the judges are joined by six members of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. They will cook a spicy meatball dish with a lovely beetroot salad.
Fruit Mystery Box & Invention Test
It's a big day in the kitchen today, as two challenges will send two kids directly into the top 4, while the rest have to battle it out tomorrow for the remaining two spots.
Super Challenge: Flying Fish
The young chefs find themselves in Flying Fish - Sydney's premier fine dining waterfront seafood restaurant. Their challenge is to cook in this notoriously popular restaurant and serve lunch for 40 guests.
Mystery Box & In The Round Pressure Test
The kids face two challenges today, and they are shocked to learn the first challenge's winner will go straight to the final, with the other three battling in the second challenge for the other final spot.
Grand Finale
It is grand finale day and all ten kids but Isabella and Jack have returned to the kitchen! Who will be crowned Australia's first-ever Junior MasterChef?

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