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Little Women La: Terra's Little Family
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Little Women La: Terra's Little Family

Little Women La: Terra's Little Family
Little Women Terras Little Family
Big Risk, Little Baby
Terra and Joe are provided with some distressing news regarding their unborn child's health. Consequently, Terra is subjected to an MRI and other medical tests.
The Proposal
Terra's due date is moved up by over a week. Terra requests her mother to fly out for the baby's birth. Joe finally decides to ask Terra to wed him.
Everything Is Not Okay
Terra reunites with her best pals Traci and Tonya to inform them about Joe's major proposal. Terra and Joe endeavour sincerely to get everything in order before the baby arrives.
Final Countdown, The
Tonya provides Terra with some motherly advice to reduce her nervousness. With the final countdown upon them, Joe and Terra commemorate their last night alone together.
Little Baby, Big World
Terra experiences one final meltdown in the hospital room before she is taken to the operating theatre for surgery. Terra is then separated from the baby.
A First For Everything
Joe and Terra take the baby to her first paediatric appointment to help understand the challenges their daughter may face.
It Takes A Family
Pregnant Sara and Lori share their happiness. But they also share something that may ruin their friendship. Martin's new lover loves his rich life, but doesn't know his dark secret.
Work It!
Terra is unhappy when she doesn't fit into any of her pre-maternity clothes and persuades Joe to consent to a get-fit agreement. Joe mulls over all the surgeries he underwent as a child.
Penny's Little Party
Terra and Joe obtain Penny's genetic test results, which they are eager to read. The tired parents make arrangements for a Sip n' See party that they plan to host for their pals.
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  • Monday,21 Aug, 2017 - 06:00
Daddy Daycare
Joe is under huge pressure to succeed at his first Mother's Day. A fatigued Terra requests Joe to babysit Penny all by himself for the afternoon.
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  • Tuesday,22 Aug, 2017 - 06:00
A Family Affair
Terra angrily leaves a family dinner with Joe's kin when the discussion veers off to religion and how they plan to raise Penny. Terra and Joe share tense moments during a photo shoot.
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  • Wednesday,23 Aug, 2017 - 06:00
Safety First
Terra and Joe decide to solidify their residential security after hearing some distressing news about their neighbourhood. Joe buys a weapon without seeking Terra's counsel.
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  • Thursday,24 Aug, 2017 - 06:00
Ready Or Not, Here We Come
As the new parents endeavour to enjoy and relax during a night out, their worries over Terra's brother Bourn's babysitting skills cut their dinner short.
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Despite Terra's mother being uncomfortable with surprises, Terra and Joe go with Penny to her place in Texas unannounced. A thunderstorm breaks out during Penny's one-month birthday party.
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An Uncertain Future
Terra and Joe hire a no-nonsense nanny. Penny gets an MRI that could change everything.
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Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire
Terra gets herself ready for romance while she struggles with Joe to set a date for the wedding.
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In Over My Head
Terra and Joe's wedding planning has just got into full swing when the couple receives some unexpected news about their daughter Penny's health.
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