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Married At First Sight Australia
Tuesdays - Wednesdays 9.05PM SIN/HK / From 12 September, Tuesdays - Wednesdays 9PM SIN/ HK

Married At First Sight Australia

Married At First Sight Australia
Can A Wedding Get Any Weirder?
Most Controversial
Bad First Impression
What A Wedding Speech
Cupids at the outback
8 strangers meet their match
Cultures collide at the altar. Lebanon-born Alene is concerned that her culture will be too much for country boy Simon. Also, a groom is left standing when a bride's car breaks down.
Deborah, a 53-year-old ex-model, is hoping the experts will find her a Polynesian husband, so she is taken aback when she meets John, an Aussie born and bred divorced father of two.
In the show's first, the experts are matching identical twins. It's double the drama and double the dresses with identical twins Sharon and Michelle.
The newlyweds are sent off to various destinations across the country and Pacific region for their honeymoons. Secrets will be shared and judgments will be made which will bring some couples closer.
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  • Saturday,21 Jul, 2018 - 06:00
The couples return from their honeymoons and are brought together at the first explosive dinner party. Andrew surprises them all by arriving alone and explains Lauren left him on their wedding night.
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  • Saturday,21 Jul, 2018 - 07:20
The couples meet up with the experts who explain a new element of the experiment: the commitment ceremony. The couples get to choose if they want to stay or leave the relationship.
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  • Saturday,28 Jul, 2018 - 06:55
The honeymoon is over and all the remaining couples are moving in together. It's a daunting time as the couples are exposed to each other's day-to-day routines.
As the first week of living together draws to a close, some couple compromise while others clash. The second dinner party of the experiment serves up some serious drama.
The second commitment ceremony sees the couples return to the couch to explain all to the experts and decide whether to stay or leave the experiment. For some couples it's an easy decision to stay.
It's time for the next phase of the experiment: the husbands' homestays. The wives get a glimpse of the lifestyle their husbands lead in their hometown. This can make or break a relationship.
The grooms' homestays have come to an end and the couples return to Sydney for an emotion-charged commitment ceremony. There are tears, as Simon finally opens up to Alene.
The husbands visit their wives homes. It's a chance to for the husbands to test the waters and see if their wife's lifestyle is one that they can fit into.
The homestay phase of the experiment comes to an end as the couples return to Sydney for another explosive dinner party that sees secrets exposed and awkward apologies.
As the events of the homestay weigh heavily on the couples, there's no holding back in a gripping Commitment Ceremony. Further, the boys' night takes a sinister turn as it spirals out of control.
Marriages come under the microscope as the couples have dinner with their loved ones, while troubled couple Cheryl and Andrew enter a relationship boot camp.
An explosive dinner party sees arguments erupt across the table as revelations about Andrew's crass comments about Cheryl on the boys' night come back to haunt him.
As the couples hurtle towards the end of the experiment, the commitment ceremony is a pressure cooker of emotions. Relationships are on the line and at least one couple leaves the experiment.
The grooms are given one last chance to woo their brides on an epic final date, but for some couples, the pressure of their upcoming vow renewals takes it toll.
As the final dates wrap up, it's the last chance for the couples to ask the big questions and address problems and insecurities before the renewal of the vows.
After eight weeks, the social experiment is coming to an end. The couples are brought back together for one final dinner party before they head home to deliberate over the renewal of their vows.
The experiment is coming to an end and the couples must now part ways and leave their apartments and return home to make the most important decision of their relationship.
Married At First Sight Australia
After an explosive reunion dinner party, everyone gathers one last time to reflect on the experiment. It's the final opportunity for people to confront their exes.