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MasterChef Canada

MasterChef Canada

MasterChef Canada
Hungry for More MasterChef Canada
The Best of Canadian Home Cooks are Back!
Special Delivery
After receiving boxes of uncooked rice, the contestants have only 20 minutes to decide they will cook for the judges and gather the ingredients accordingly.
Home On The Range
The cooks receive their first mystery box to discover a meaningful kitchen item. Each person's item serves as an inspiration for a dish, and the winner gets a bonus advantage.
True Patriot Love
The cooks receive red and white aprons as they cook for 102 new Canadians; The losing team fights for survival in a test involving a sophisticated pasta dish.
The Blind Leading The Blind
The top 10 cooks find themselves blindfolded and work in pairs to recreate a seven-layered cake for Canada's 150th birthday, by tasting each layer of the original one.
Burgers For Bikers
The remaining cooks split up into three teams and must create gourmet burgers and fries for hungry motorcyclists. The team that does the most business avoids a pressure test.
Jamie In The House
Renowned chef Jamie Oliver challenges the contestants to prepare an appetiser for his new restaurant chain in Canada. The winner gets a spot on Oliver's Italian menu.
Egg Showdown!
The seven remaining cooks engage in an egg battle, involving a series of challenges that get progressively difficult, as they try to make several intimidating egg dishes.
Auberge Anniversary
Two teams compete in a restaurant takeover, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Auberge du Pommier, an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant.
Take Five
The top five cooks must emulate the judges' cooking techniques and create unique salmon dishes. In the elimination round, they must create a dish with only five ingredients.
Harvest Family Dinner
The final four cooks must prepare an elaborate family dinner at an Ontario apple orchard after getting surprised by their loved ones. The two losing members face a test.
Sweet Francaise
The cooks create a dish in three different ways using one luxury ingredient. The three remaining candidates compete for the two spots in the finale.
Season 4 Finale
The two finalists compete against each other for the grand prize of USD 100,000 and the coveted Masterchef title as they make a three-course meal in only three hours.
Yes, No, Maybe So
Forty home cooks compete to earn a yes from each judge to win an apron. Those who fail to get one risk being sent home, while those who get at least one yes will earn a second chance.
A Cut Above
The 18 home cooks who won a second chance at the auditions face tough culinary challenges, in which they must use up their time industriously and creatively to enter the Top 14.
At Home And Abroad
The Top 14 home cooks face a Canadian-themed Mystery Box Challenge and an Elimination Challenge based on the diverse backgrounds of the judges.
Trial By Fire
The Top 13 home cooks compete in a rib cook-off in their first team challenge to honour Canadian firefighters. The losing team members cope with a Pressure Test.
Off The Hook
The Top 12 home cooks seek a partner to make the best dish and win a Mystery Box Challenge. In an Elimination Challenge, the winning pair assigns diverse fish to their fellow home cooks.
Feast Your Eyes
The Top 11 home cooks participate in a team challenge to serve stylish lunches for Canada's fashionistas. The losing team copes with a two-pronged surf and turf Pressure Test.
From The Heart
In a Mystery Box Challenge, the Top 10 home cooks must bake sweet treats. The victor is given a versatile mystery ingredient and chooses a competitor to cook against.
Oktoberfest Feast
The top nine home cooks, divided into three teams, compete in a gourmet sausage challenge. The team which sells the most orders wins, while losing teams face a Pressure Test.
Head And Shoulders, Knees And Toes
The eight cooks are divided into two teams and must prepare meals using ingredients inspired by a nursery rhyme. The losing team must then ace a world-class pastry.
Out Of This World
The cooks participate in a Mystery Box Challenge inspired by Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield. They must cook meals with foods that were available during his time in space.
Demon At The Pass
The cooks take over an Asian restaurant owned by judge Alvin Leung and the show's season 1 winner, Eric Chong. Later, the losing team must impress with a show-stopping dessert.
Cooking With Cocktails
The cooks participate in a Mystery Box Challenge involving Chef Michael Bonacini's techniques. To be saved from elimination, the cooks create meals inspired by classic cocktails.
Meals And Wheels
The cooks are surprised to see their families, who are going to accompany them for a shopping trip to choose the ingredients for the meals that will earn them a place in the top three.
Only The Best
To gain a spot in the finale, the three cooks must impress 13 of Canada's most influential chefs by preparing meals using 13 ingredients, one from each province and territory.
The top two cooks create an appetizer, an entree and a dessert for the judges, which will determine who wins in the finale.
Fit To Be Tied
In the Season 2 premiere, the final selected home cooks audition for the opportunity to become Canada's next MasterChef. Each home cook presents their signature dish for tasting by the renowned judges.
Patriotic Pantry
After the final aprons are handed out, the remaining home cooks face their first challenge: creating a stunning dish using an array of Canadian-inspired red and white ingredients.
Constant Cravings
The home cooks face their first Mystery Box Challenge in the Masterchef Canada kitchen. A classic and highly versatile ingredient sends them in both sweet and savoury directions.
Juggling Act
The home cooks' first Team Challenge requires them to cook a hearty but healthy performance-day lunch for the acrobats, performers, and crew of Cirque du Soleil's show Kurios: A Cabinet of Curiosities.
Slice Of Life
The home cooks face their second Mystery Box Challenge and this time, victory rests on an Italian favourite. The home cook who most impresses the judges chooses the ingredient everyone else cooks with.
One Potato, Two Potato
The home cooks' second Team Challenge takes place on the University of Guelph campus, home to the school's ground-breaking food research department which has developed numerous food products.
No Piece Of Cake
The Top 11 home cooks face a sweet but emotional Mystery Box Challenge that requires them to bake and decorate birthday cakes that express something about themselves.
Wedding On The Waves
The home cooks face their biggest team challenge yet: catering a beautiful Harbour Cruise wedding. They are tasked with creating stunning French-inspired canapés, appetizers, and main dishes.
Good Things In Small Packages
Masterchef judge Graham Elliot presents the home cooks with the smallest Mystery Box in Masterchef Canada history, filled with tiny proteins, vegetables, and greens.
Walking On Eggshells
In the biggest twist yet, three eliminated home cooks return for a single chance to cook their way back into the Masterchef Canada kitchen, by preparing three egg dishes in eight minutes.
Tea For Two
The Top 7 home cooks face a Mystery Box Challenge starring a rack of lamb, but they aren't cooking alone. Masterchef Canada judge Claudio Aprile cooks alongside them with the same ingredients.
Fine Dining Under Fire
The Top 6 home cooks confront their most difficult team challenge: the Restaurant Takeover. The pressure is raised when the teams learn that the kitchen they're taking over is one of the finest.
From Home, With Love
The Top 5 home cooks enter the Masterchef Canada kitchen and discover two Mystery Box surprises. One box is filled with ingredients, and the other box contains an inspiring message from their families.
Trip To Bountiful, The
The final four home cooks arrive at a beautiful Niagara vineyard for their next challenge, where they learn they'll be cooking for their lives with the bounty of the area.
Ring Of Fire
After surviving a season of challenges, the final 2 home cooks go head-to-head in a three-course culinary battle. They battle it out for $100,000, the Masterchef Canada trophy, and a life-changing title.
White Is The New Black
From thousands of applicants across Canada, the Top 50 home cooks begin their quest to become the first-ever Canadian MasterChef.
Chicken Little
Auditions for the Top 50 home cooks enter their first challenge, a Stress Test, where they must prepare a chicken dish with only one pan and one burner.
First Kick At The Box
The home cooks face their first Mystery Box Challenge. Peanut Butter: a classic and highly versatile ingredient sends them in both sweet and savoury directions.
The Puck Drops Here
The home cooks arrive at the Air Canada Centre to discover that their very first team challenge involves making a power-packed training lunch for the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players, and Leafs alumni!
Where's The Beef
The home cooks face their second Mystery Box Challenge, and this time, they work with a hand crank meat grinder and an extraordinary selection of fresh protein, to produce the perfect gourmet burger.
Edible Art
At Toronto's historic Distillery District the home cooks compete in a team challenge catering an exclusive art gallery event, where the food must look as incredible as it tastes.
Brains Before Beauty
The 11 finalists face an emotional Mystery Box challenge that takes them back to their roots -- and the winner gets a compelling strategic advantage in the Elimination Challenge.
Major Steaks
The Top 10 home cooks face their biggest team challenge yet at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. Using pop-up army field kitchens, they have to make a delicious steak dinner for 151 troops.
Great Canadian Bake Sale
The home cooks raise their Mystery Boxes to reveal a jaw-dropping array of rare and challenging ingredients: a selection of the judges' favourite food culled from their own restaurant kitchens.
Meals On Wheels
The final eight home cooks arrive at Toronto's City Hall for a team challenge that will test their culinary skills and entrepreneurship. They must run their own food truck during the busy lunch rush.
Claws Out
The final seven home cooks face a Mystery Box challenge that pits them against a teeming tank of Nova Scotia lobsters.
Line Of Fire
The final six home cooks are confronted with a classic MasterChef team challenge: the Restaurant Takeover.
Family Style
The final five home cooks are tasked with preparing a special family reunion dinner to be served in the MasterChef Canada Banquet Room.
Not-Your-Average Joe
It's the most challenging Mystery Box of the season when the four finalists face the tough love of American MASTERCHEF judge Joe Bastianich. Home cooks must create a dish using Joe's favourite ingredients.
And Then There Were 2
The final two home cooks go head-to-head in a three-course culinary battle, battling it out for $100,000, and the right to call themselves Canada's first ever MasterChef.

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