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My Haunted House
Fridays 9PM SIN/HK

My Haunted House

My Haunted House
Not all Dolls are for Children
The Extra Inhabitant
Barking at the Dead
Temporary Cash for Permanent Scares
A Terrible Evil
Truth or Dare & The Morgue
A teenage girl agrees to spend a night in one of America's most haunted locations, and she filmed the whole thing to prove it. A morgue employee fears that his job is following him home.
Camp & Leviathan
Terrifying things begin to happen as a couple renovates an abandoned summer camp. A newly divorced woman takes in a stray dog with some terrifying baggage.
The Nanny & The Bayou
A nanny investigates the strange noises coming from the forbidden third floor in a house of horrors. A horrible secret lies hidden in Keeley and Adam's new home in the swamp.
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  • Friday,18 Aug, 2017 - 21:00
  • Saturday,19 Aug, 2017 - 02:00
The Boy Did It & Frozen Forest
A five-year-old boy claims that his imaginary friend pushed his sister through a second story window. A newly divorced woman relives the terrifying history of the remote cabin she's rented.
Don't Go Upstairs & Swerve
Two brothers discover a horrifying secret when they inherit a relative's home. A school teacher struggles to learn the identity of the child-like spirit that's stalking her.
Paralyzed & The Baby Thief
A man suffering from sleep paralysis captures evidence that something is entering his room. A pregnant woman fears something is trying to harm her unborn child.
The Innkeeper & Quarantine
A boy tells his babysitter that a man called "The Keeper" visits his room in the night. A recovering addict realizes the visions he's seeing at a remote cabin are not hallucinations.
Under The Porch & Bruises
A young girl discovers horrific sculptures made of bones under her family's new house. Thunderstorms unleash violent paranormal activity in a young woman's home.
The Roommate & Chain Letter
A psychiatrist questions her own sanity when her patient's "roommate" begins appearing in her house. A young woman realizes that threats made in anonymous chain letters are coming true.
Unknown Caller & The Rocking Chair
A woman receives terrifying phone messages from an unknown caller who seems to be watching her every move. A baby goes missing after a couple brings an antique rocking chair into their home.
Lights In The Night & Black Sunday
A mysterious car pulls into a woman's driveway every night at the same time. A newly divorced man is terrorized after moving into an abandoned house on his uncle's farm.
Dark Room & Summer Rental
A family is terrorized after bringing an antique camera into their home. Four college graduates plan to spend their summer in a remote cabin in the mountains.
The Church & Skin Book
A young man's girlfriend is withholding a terrifying secret. A married couple is plagued by visions of missing limbs after unearthing a barbaric relic.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,26 Aug, 2017 - 02:00
Dreamcatcher & Torture Castle
A family returns from a dream vacation, only to enter a nightmare. A woman unknowingly brings a relic from America's first serial killer into her home.
Dead Ringer & Route 160
A woman opens a dress shop in a Victorian home with a terrifying past. A man takes a job at a remote gas station in the middle of the desert.
Room 7 & The Beta Incident
A man lives in an abandoned bed and breakfast, while fixing it up as an investment property. A woman returns to the scene of a mysterious incident in search of answers.
The Witching Hour & The 13th Step
A couple moves to a house in the deep woods only to learn that they won't be getting the peace and quiet they wanted. A recovering alcoholic struggles to figure out if her horrifying visions are real.
Dream House & Ghost Month
A woman's recurring nightmare comes to life in her new house. A single mother fears for her son's life after moving into a new house.
Feast & The Girl Under The Bridge
A bachelorette party at a rustic cabin in the mountains goes horribly wrong. A woman searches for the identity of her young son's elusive "friend".
Sad Sam & Black Magic
A clown stays in a family's home long after the birthday party is over. A woman believes local Santeria practitioners put a curse on her when she moves into a traditional Miami neighborhood.
Sympathy & The Engagement
A couple is mysteriously poisoned on their first night in a new home. A woman fears the horrifying activity in her home could be related to an antique her fianc purchased.
Hazel & House Of Sacrifice
All hell breaks loose after a couple takes in a troubled foster child. A family struggles to come to terms with the events that happened in their basement.
The Hanover Hunting
For the first time, our cameras step inside an actively haunted house to hear two victims' terrifying testimony of paranormal activity.
The Nursery & The Closet
A dangerous entity stalks a pregnant woman in her new house. A single mother discovers a terrifying secret trapped in her son's closet. Nightmares are brought to life in vivid, blood-curdling style.
Unwanted Guest & Mirror Image
A dangerous poltergeist threatens a newly-blended family. A young woman is tormented by visions of her own gruesome death.
Trapped & Retreat
Paranormal activity threatens a young nurse caring for a catatonic patient. A young couple falls prey to a demonic presence in a remote cabin.
The Sorority & Secret Room
While housesitting for her sorority sisters, a college student is trapped by a distraught entity. A woman home alone with her fiance's daughter is terrorized by visions of a different little girl.
Art Loft & Drowned
A violent entity threatens to drive a young painter out of her mind. A teenage girl is home alone during a thunderstorm when she is threatened by two mysterious children.
Family Grave & Deception
A man's childhood fears come to life when he returns to his family's farm after his mother's death. A woman begins to suspect that her husband may be causing the unexplainable occurrences in their house.
The Attic & 'til Death
A college student is tormented by her little sister's imaginary friend. A newly engaged woman sees visions of her fiance's ex-wife.
Pest House & Sleepwalkers
An earthquake triggers terrifying activity in a house with a dark past. A young woman sees visions in her sleep that lead her to an abandoned hospital.
Vow Of Silence & Cryptic
A single mother's new home was once a convent that kept a horrifying secret. A couple is tormented by the meaning of a date that keeps appearing in their new home.
The Whispering & Ethel
After returning home for her mother's funeral, a young woman is terrorized by visions from her past. A musician finds a suicide note that reveals the dark history of his new house.
Followed & A Portrait Of Evil
A couple is followed home by an entity after visiting an old brothel. A woman is attacked in her home after purchasing a photograph at a garage sale.