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Vivica's Black Magic

Vivica's Black Magic

Vivica's Black Magic
7 Badass Exotic Dancers
First Urban Exotic Male Review
First Photo Shoot
Shogun's Audition
Luenell's Birthday Wish
Vivica Cuts Alvester


Finding Magic
The all-male exotic dance group set up by Vivica Fox and her team try to render an effective performance at an LA club consisting of Vivica's intimate pals.
Locals vs Out Of Towners
Vivica and her team are nervous ahead of the group's initial public staging. The fact that dancer Alvester has altered his choreographic moves annoys Darrin.
Luenell's Private Party
After a near disaster on stage and a blow up between the dancers, Black Magic pulls off their first public performance. Later, Vivica gets a shocking phone call from Darrin.
Everyone's Replaceable
Vivica has a mutiny on her hands as she struggles to keep her team in check. When Eurika accuses Kiana of being inappropriate with the dancers, a war erupts between them.
Ready For Vegas?
Vivica convinces Las Vegas promoter Marklen Kennedy to come see the upcoming performance, but she faces one of the most challenging weeks as Alvester and Darrin almost come to blows.
Thunder vs Magic
Vivica has staged an all-out push to Vegas, securing valuable face time with two of Las Vegas' biggest names in exotic dance. As pressure escalates, Alvester deals with his problems.
Full Court Press
Vivica goes out of town to secure a hotel to host Black Magic's Vegas debut. Penetration and Alvester leave the team high and dry during the rehearsal for Black Magic's LA performance.
Vegas Magic
Vivica's Black Magic is headed to Vegas for their biggest show yet, but after a night out partying, the guys are a mess. Chaos ensues at the dress rehearsal.