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The newest endangered species
Animal behavior is changing
We're outnumbered
The Author of Zoo - James Patterson
Something strange


No Place Like Home
Ten years after the animals were cured but at the cost of sterilising humans, a new threat rises in the form of the hybrids, an army of lab-made creatures wishing to ruin mankind.
Jackson and Logan discover a link between the attacks that occur in Portland and New York. Mitch is interrogated and Abraham's family is in danger.
Ten Years Gone
Abraham and Dariela consider making a deal with Reiden Global for personal reasons. Jamie and Clementine perform a risky surgery on Mitch.
Welcome To Terra Dome
Abraham and Dariela reunite with the team as they try and stop the hybrids from taking over New York City.
Drop It Like It's Hot
While Jamie's under arrest, she manages to manipulate Mitch and Logan into helping her hunt shepherds, members of a secretive group responsible for sterilizing humans.
Oz Is Oz
Mitch seeks to rescue Clementine from her captors, and a glimpse into Jackson's sister Abigail's past reveals the origins of the hybrids.
Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam
The team sets out on a rescue mission for Abe and Dariela's son, Isaac. Then, in search of information on a new hybrid, Mitch and Jamie travel to California, where they cross paths with a familiar face.
Stakes On A Plane
Abigail holds Jackson prisoner in order to extract information from him that is critical to her secret master plan. The team faces a mid-air crisis when their plane experiences an electrical malfunction.
The Black Forest
After Mitch's alter ego, Mr. Duncan, attacks the team's plane then flees, Jamie, Abe and Max set out to find him and help.
Once Upon A Time In The Nest
After Jackson attacks Abigail, the team rushes to save her as her life hangs in the balance.
Cradles And Graves
As the team is trapped inside the plane by toxic spores surrounding them, complications arise during the delivery of Clementine's baby.
West Side Story
After the team's plane suffers a catastrophic accident in the hybrid zone, Dariela and Tessa set out on a rescue mission to save them.
The Barrier
The team races to stop the hybrids from breaching the barrier wall by shutting down the last beacon that draws them in.
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  • Monday,23 Jul, 2018 - 10:35
The Day Of The Beast/Caraquet
Following the dramatic shift in violent animal behavior, the team attempts to rescue Jamie and the leopard whose DNA may hold the key to curing the mutation, on the special two-hour season premiere of Zoo.
Collision Point
After tragedy strikes their only ally within the government, the team is left on their own to stop a surge of animal-related attacks from destroying the city of Geneva, Switzerland.
The Walls of Jericho
In an effort to unravel a dark conspiracy within the Noah Objective, the team travels to Vancouver, where it must infiltrate a black-tie event in order to get close to General Davies.
The Moon and The Star
Jamie and Logan arrive in Caraquet but are horrified to find it's not the refuge they hope for. After the team gets a lead on Jamie's location, they head to Caraquet in the hopes of reuniting with her.
Sex, Lies and Jellyfish
The team travels to Portugal where they square off against a dangerous venom dealer in order to get one step closer to the cure. Also, Jackson's increasingly erratic behavior jeopardizes the entire team.
Jamie's Got A Gun
Mitch digs into Jackson's past to get the answers they need to make the cure. Also, the rest of the team hunts for evidence related to the triple helix inside a quaint English town.
Zero Sum
Jackson learns his mother is missing in Africa, but before he can look for her, he and the team must face a hostile force that has overtaken their plane. Also, Jamie learns a shocking secret about Abraham.
Sins Of The Father
Jackson faces the most difficult decision of his life. Also, Mitch reluctantly enlists help from his father, Max Morgan, to investigate the origin of the final set of triple helix animal bones.
Yellow Brick Road, The
With Jackson missing, Mitch and Abraham race to find him before General Davies and the International Animal Defense Group can locate him and prevent the team from making a cure.
The Contingency
Mitch and Jamie brave an animal attack at the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and Jackson finally gets the answers he's been looking for from a surprising source.
Mitch and Jamie hatch a daring plan to undermine the Noah Objective, and the team reunites on the Island of Pangaea where the final pieces of the cure are put in place. First part of the season finale.
Mitch and Jamie hatch a daring plan to undermine the Noah Objective, and the team reunites on the Island of Pangaea where the final pieces of the cure are put in place. Second part of the season finale.
First Blood
Jackson Oz, an American safari guide living in Africa, discovers a link between strange animal attacks on people and his late father's theories about an impending threat to the human race.
Fight Or Flight
After Jackson Oz rescues his best friend, Abraham Kenyatta, from a lion attack in Botswana, Abraham's firsthand account reveals that the lions are no longer afraid of humans and might be killing for sport.
The Silence Of The Cicadas
Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta fly to Japan to recover the rest of Oz's father's research involving animals. Mitch accompanies Jamie on a trip to Louisiana to show a senator their findings on the lions.
Pack Mentality
Jackson, Abraham, Mitch, Jamie and Chloe are tasked by a top intelligence agent to find the cause of the strange animal behavior around the world.
Blame It On Leo
Jackson, Jamie and Agent Shaffer search for a chemist in Alabama who has evidence of Reiden Global's role in the growing animal problem.
This Is What It Sounds Like
While searching for a solution to the bat problem in Rio de Janeiro, Mitch and Chloe are kidnapped by the local drug lord and Abraham must come to the rescue.
The team travels to Paris to search for a group of bears that were being studied for migration habits when their trackers mysteriously went offline.
The Cheese Stands Alone
The team discovers a terrifying rat infestation when a cargo ship carrying the bloodthirsty rodents washes up off the coast of Massachusetts.
Jamie contacts a fellow journalist in an attempt to expose the truth about Reiden's involvement in the global animal problem. Mitch escapes with both the Mother Cell and his daughter's medication.
Emotional Contagion
On the run as fugitives, the team flies to Zambia to gather leopard DNA in order to manufacture a cure for the abnormal behavior that's affecting animals worldwide.
Eats, Shoots And Leaves
When Jackson is injured after a run-in with the rebels in Zambia, the team rushes him to a hospital in Zimbabwe and finds it overrun by wild animals.
Wild Things
While Jackson undergoes emergency surgery, Mitch and Jamie work to formulate a cure using the Mother Cell and leopard DNA. Victory is within reach until a shocking turn of events jeopardizes everything.
That Great Big Hill Of Hope
Jackson and the team make a final attempt to find a cure to the worldwide animal pandemic, but hit an obstacle that may be impenetrable.