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So Sharp

Bonus: How to Approach Marissa?

Bonus: How to Approach Marissa?

Bonus: How to Approach Marissa?

Gab and Michelle brainstorm how best to talk with Marissa in this bonus clip from Episode 9, "Only the Sharp Survive."

So Sharp
Bonus: How to Approach Marissa?
Bonus: Chloe Gets Unwanted Advice From Kayla
Bonus: Todd's Packing Strategy
Bonus: Practice Gossip
Bonus: Car Ride Chat
Bonus: Kobie and Marissa Shop for Todd


For The Love Of Todd
Todd Sharp, coach of the University of Louisville Ladybirds dance team, wants his team to again become the national champions. But he knows that his team needs a wake-up call.
This Girl Is On Fire
Todd is forced to make a difficult decision about who holds the centre position as best friends Marissa and Rose compete for the top spot.
Not His First Rodeo
Todd pushes the girls to hone their performance skills with a country routine. Gabrielle sees this country number as an opportunity to get into a formation.
Sharp Divide
Todd pushes the rivalries on the team to test the will of his dancers; Kobie finds herself back at center and it is not the homecoming she expected.
So Sick
Illness plagues the girls which worries Todd; Taylor feels unnoticed due to her cousin Kobie's performance; Marissa's chance of taking the top spot concerns Rose.
Bring The Performance
The Ladybirds debut the first half of their hip-hop Nationals routine; Kayla gets to know that Taylor talks about her; Ryleigh tries to get back into Todd's good graces.
Kayla takes the center spot in the Jazz Nationals routine; Todd gets emotional because of his attachment to the seniors; the team must regroup when technical hurdles arise.
The Devil Is Here
After not making the formation yet again, Gabrielle's spot on the team falls into jeopardy; Chloe has difficulties learning some hip-hop trick.
Only The Sharp Survive
Todd has an altercation with one of the Ladybirds; Marissa talks to Gabrielle about not bringing her back next year; Chloe struggles to reach Todd's standards.
It's Nationals!
The Ladybirds' rehearse for Nationals, but their struggles with formations cause Todd to come down hard on them; Kayla worries about executing her moves in the jazz section.

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